Adult and Geriatric Services

Adult and Geriatric Services

Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health offers programs for adults experiencing chronic and/or acute issues with substance abuse and mental health illnesses (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, homicidal and/or suicidal thinking, anxiety, etc). Individual treatment plans are developed for each patient that addresses their psychiatric and social needs.

Our comprehensive treatment programs include a psychiatric evaluation, daily psychiatrist assessment, nursing assessment, group psychotherapy, medication management/education, activity therapy, individual and family therapy as needed, illness/wellness education and discharge planning to outpatient treatment providers or programs. All services are provided under the direction of a psychiatrist and are delivered by a team of skilled and compassionate mental health professionals.

Adult Inpatient Services include:

  • Admissions/Referrals
  • Adult Psychiatric Program – Provides inpatient stabilization for acute psychiatric symptoms effecting a patient’s job, marriage, relationships and community life. The Adult Psychiatric Program provides structured programming and insight oriented groups to stabilize symptoms and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Adult Substance Abuse Program – Provides inpatient medical detoxification and rehabilitation as needed to assist patients in understanding the disease of drug and alcohol dependence while helping them learn relapse prevention skills. Because recovery from drug and alcohol dependence is a life-long process, Palmetto also offers outpatient treatment as a step down to continue the road to recovery.
  • Adult Dual Diagnosis Program – Since psychiatric and substance abuse issues often occur in conjunction, Pametto provides programming to address both substance abuse and psychiatric issues in a safe and secure environment.
  • Adult Crisis Stabilization Program – Provides reality based programming, treatment and medication education to support patients who present with chronic and/or acute psychiatric illnesses.

Geriatric Psychiatric Unit

The Geriatric Unit, part of the Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health, is an inpatient treatment unit geared to the needs and interests of senior patients in a private, secure, comforting, and healing environment. Comprehensive services are available for those geriatric patients with a psychiatric illness who are assessed as a threat to themselves or others. Inpatient care may also be indicated for patients with a severe decrease in level of functioning or whose condition or illness has not responded to outpatient treatment. The goal of inpatient treatment is to stabilize acute symptoms and provide a strong foundation for the next level of care.

All services are provided under the direction of a board certified psychiatrist and are delivered by a treatment team consisting of psychiatrists, clinical therapists, psychiatric nurses, activity therapists and other professionals. An individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient that addresses the psychiatric and social needs of the individual. The comprehensive treatment program includes a complete psychiatric evaluation, daily psychiatrist assessment, group psychotherapy, medication management, activity therapy, family education and illness/wellness education.

The Geriatric Unit Serves:

  • Severe depression and or suicidal feelings
  • Acute agitation, outbursts, or impulsivity not related to an acute medical problem
  • Acute confusion or disorientation not related to an acute medical problem
  • Psychotic symptoms such as paranoia or hallucinations
  • Mild Alzheimer’s disease, mild vascular dementia or mild Parkinson’s Disease requiring behavioral intervention/stabilization

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Medically stable without acute/exacerbating medical issues
  • Able to walk and ambulate independently or with minimal assistance of one
  • Able to perform activities of daily living independently or with minimal assistance with transfers, toileting, etc. of one
  • Able to be independent with feeding and hydration
  • Stable on Room Air or may require oxygen therapy no more than 2 liters or less
  • Able to participate with mental health treatment and programming
  • Patient has an appropriate and verified discharge plan prior to acceptance
  • Senior adults with co-occurring substance abuse problems

As symptoms are stabilized through medications, patients work with the treatment team to develop appropriate ways to cope with their mental illness and manage medication after discharge.

Contact our Admission Department at 843.747.5830 or toll-free 877.947.3223 for admission or a no-cost confidential assessment. Physician referrals are not required.

All major credit cards and most major insurances are accepted, including TRICARE®.